Concept 06 – The Simple Life

Those pair of jeans that have been sitting in your cupboard for years without wear? Throw them out. Immediately. Having a ‘busy’ life (in the way of possessions) can suck the joy out of life and living life and when you own fewer things you have the opportunity the savor life and focus on the things within your life that give you meaning, pleasure and fulfilment. Of course, this is not saying remove everything from your life – this concept goes hand in hand with ‘everything in moderation’. Everything in moderation is used throughout the world for concepts with diet, lifestyle and more, but too often people take this out of context. Remain sensible, focused and the rest will fall into place.

Concept 05 – Past & Future

You may have a shady past, or checkered past or a past with a ‘reputation’ – whatever that may be, I just want to get it out there that this does not define you, your future actions or what you will do in the future. It is up to you to change your behaviors and thoughts – all of this is possible. As I have previously outlined the mind is a muscle that over time, can be trained just like any other muscle. Although the mind is one of, if not the toughest muscle to grow. But given the appropriate amount of training, the appropriate nutrition and training, it will grow. This is where patience comes into things.

Do not let your past define you. Do not let what others think of you define you or your actions. Live by what you believe in (your core values and beliefs) and you will continue to grow and change.

Concept 04 – Mental Health

As a strong advocate for mental health, I believe it is of the most important to ensure you feed the brain with continuous activity for it to remain healthy. Stimulation in the form of education (let your imagination run wild – consume yourself in artistic endeavors if you wish, study your passion), reading and thought cataloging. Cataloging one’s thoughts can assist with emotional regulation and dealing with situations in a positive and constructive manner. I personally use this tool to ‘let go’ of emotions that may hold me back.


Concept 03 – Risk

Risk is often associated as a negative word – this is definitely not the case, for I personally like to view risk on a scale – 1 being never exiting your room, for fear of the outside world. 10 being jumping out of an aircraft without a parachute. The key with this concept is to meet in the middle, take calculated risks based on facts and your emotional state. Impulsive decisions are not always bad, and the appropriate amount of risk can lead to wonder opportunities presenting themselves; whether this is in love, life or business.

Take the calculated risk, jump from the aircraft with the parachute!


Concept 02 – Nutrition


Eat what your body requires to function (and to assist your fitness related goals), and not to excess. With this basic concept in mind it is also important to treat yourself on a very occasional basis to ensure you can remain focused on the task at hand – holistic health and well-being, which in my mind incorporates mental health, physical health and nutritional/digestive health.

Whilst most people may see this and go ‘well, obviously’ I’ve found that food is one of the major causes for people not reaching their goals, this included myself for many years until I sat down, cataloged what I was eating each day and realized I was eating the wrong things or the right things – but to excess.


Concept 01 – Money & Education

Spend money wisely on yourself in the form of education and health (appropriate food choices), for this is invaluable in the long run, and will outlast any expensive designer clothing or sports car you may desire. Whilst it is appropriate to own and want for nice material objects (we all do), this should be done in moderation and in a staged, patient manner to ensure you appreciate what you have earned. “A man is not measured by the depths of his pockets.”

The Thought Farm

The thought farm is a basic concept where I can share my thoughts, feelings and concepts on the basis of living a simplistic, fulfilled and happier existence. The text which will be written on this blog comes from personal experiences, trials and tribulations throughout my life.

Please feel free to share this text, express your own experiences, thoughts and concepts throughout.

– Dallas